Cold War Kids

Frontman Nathan Willett talks about getting loose and chaotic again on latest record “Hold My Home,” not overthinking during the writing process, what he’s learned from side project French Style Furs, and how having a high work ethic has kept the band going strong for 10 years. … More Cold War Kids


Hozier talks about his No. 2 charting debut album, performing on Saturday Night Live, his Irish background, and reflecting on the human experience as honestly as possible. … More Hozier

New Found Glory

Lead singer Jordan Pundik discusses the band’s transition to becoming a four-piece, the cathartic nature of latest album “Resurrection,” and what still excites him about making music after 17 years. … More New Found Glory

Royal Blood

Frontman Mike Kerr talks about the natural origins of Royal Blood, how not having a guitarist is similar to making a pizza, and what the band’s first time in the studio was like recording their debut. … More Royal Blood

St. Lucia

Jean-Philip Grobler chats about his lifelong musical journey, from a boys choir in South Africa to commercial writing in New York City to then starting St. Lucia, as well as the tension of his ‘80s influences and what his version of perfection sounds like. … More St. Lucia


Kimbra discusses the unusual influences behind her second record “The Golden Echo,” why songwriting is like making a tapestry, and the importance of balancing the technical with the creative. … More Kimbra


Guitarist Randy Strohmeyer talks about reuniting for Finch’s first album in over nine years, why he doesn’t like “What It Is to Burn” being referred to as nostalgic, and how the band always tries to keep things mysterious and tongue in cheek. … More Finch

Counting Crows

Frontman Adam Duritz shares how the band was reenergized on the new album “Somewhere Under Wonderland,” why it’s important to play cover songs, how he finally made peace with his mental illness, and the reason the Crows have lasted so long. … More Counting Crows


Jack Antonoff discusses starting Bleachers, the lyrical and musical ides behind debut album “Strange Desire,” writing with others, and why it’s hard for some people to accept a person being in two bands at the same time. … More Bleachers