About Me

Jonathan Bautts

Jonathan Bautts has done freelance writing for the last 11 years, both online and in print, at publications like Chorus.fm (formerly known as Absolute Punk), Campus Circle and the Orange County Register. He’s conducted over 200 interviews during that time, an area he specializes in, and has talked with everyone from Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon to Vince Staples and Vampire Weekend. In 2017, sensing a gap in online long-form music journalism and personal storytelling, he co-founded the platform Behind the Setlist with childhood friend Kevin Carr. He has also held management positions in retail and is currently a material handler in aerospace manufacturing.

Although to this point his published work primarily revolves around music, he graduated from Biola University in 2008 with a film degree and counts the world of cinema his first love. Sources say he also partakes in an abundance of peak TV and is quite knowledgeable about the ins and outs of pop culture. In addition, he has been known to converse on topics ranging from politics and religion to tech and sports, and has been described as being very nitpicky over the smallest details, such as an annoyance for the oxford comma.

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