The Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie subgenre, or at least the one modern audiences are familiar with, began in 1968, the year George A. Romero released the seminal Night of the Living Dead. Throughout the years, it has evolved while continuing to remain relevant, as seen in the recent zombie boom of the last five years. Still, questions linger … More The Zombie Apocalypse


Lead singer Stephen Christian goes in-depth about starting work on the band’s major label debut, music industry struggles and label issues, trying to teach life lessons through lyrics, and predicts what the biggest hurdles will be going forward for both the industry and our country at large. … More Anberlin

Straylight Run

Drummer Will Noon discusses the band’s second full-length “The Needles the Space,” striving after a more organic sound, the challenges that come with being hard to classify, and his attraction to metaphysical literature. … More Straylight Run

Thrice Tackles the Elements on Ambitious ‘Alchemy Index’

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. These four classical elements were identified by the Greek philosopher Plato, who believed them to be the basic building blocks of life. Now over 2,000 years later, they are the subjects of an ambitious four-disc undertaking from Thrice. At first glance, making a rock record centered on the elements doesn’t seem … More Thrice Tackles the Elements on Ambitious ‘Alchemy Index’

New Found Glory

Lead singer Jordan Pundik talks about making the sequel covers record “From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II,” revisits “Coming Home” one year later, and why he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. … More New Found Glory

Relient K

Guitarist Matt Hoopes talks about the band’s fifth album “Five Score and Seven Years Ago,” why “Deathbed” is the best song they’ve ever written, and letting their music speak for itself. … More Relient K


Guitarist Teppei Teranishi discusses what it was like making the four-part concept record “The Alchemy Index,” the difficulties in getting each element to sound unique, and the band’s charity work. … More Thrice