Jack’s Mannequin

Andrew McMahon gives an inside scoop into writing and recording the upcoming third Jack’s Mannequin record, the Something Corporate reunion, Dear Jack Foundation’s continuing efforts to fight cancer, and how his life has finally started to come into focus. … More Jack’s Mannequin

Joshua Radin

Singer-songwriter Joshua Radin discusses starting fresh on his third album “The Rock and the Tide,” the rush of recording live, the strange ways technology has affected romance, and why life is all about being open to trying new things. … More Joshua Radin

Jimmy Eat World

Frontman Jim Adkins discusses the process behind the band’s seventh album “Invented,” writing songs from varying perspectives, why you shouldn’t censor yourself, and embracing your ideas, whether they’re good or bad. … More Jimmy Eat World


Lead singer Stephen Christian discusses writing “Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place” as a contradictory, coming-of-age record, working with producer Brendan O’Brien, the pressure-filled trials of “New Surrender,” and the weird side of the band. … More Anberlin


Bassist Sergio Vega talks about the bittersweet emotion of joining the band, the rejuvenating jamming sessions for “Diamond Eyes,” and the organic nature of music. … More Deftones

House of Heroes

Frontman Tim Skipper talks about the themes and musical progression on “Suburba,” how the record rejuvenated the band and kept it from breaking up, and finding freedom amidst life’s setbacks. … More House of Heroes


Drummer Sam Loeffler discusses the band’s latest album “Sci-Fi Crimes,” following your own path, compromising in the music industry, and what’s next for the group. … More Chevelle