Sons of the Sea

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd discusses his new musical project Sons of the Sea, working with producer Brendan O’Brien, curating his stream of consciousness writing style, and looks back on his career so far. … More Sons of the Sea


It’s been a long seven-year wait since Alfonso Cuarón’s last film, the masterful Children of Men. So needless to say, there is a lot of excitement for Gravity among the film community, especially considering Curaón spent the last four-plus years working tirelessly on it. However, the marketing of Gravity was a letdown, with the CG … More Gravity


Mark Hoppus touches on a little bit of everything – including life in the U.K., the next Blink-182 record, the future of (+44), his obsession with the octopus, the differences between him and Tom, and exploring dark lyrics – and why he thinks he will never write another good song again. … More Blink-182

Relient K

Lead singer Matt Thiessen and guitarist Matt Hoopes address their divisive new album “Collapsible Lung,” the stigma of co-writing, and why after 15 years it feels like a rebirth of the band. … More Relient K

Jimmy Eat World

Frontman Jim Adkins discusses the band’s new album “Damage,” his approach to writing adult breakup songs, being together for nearly 20 years, and when it becomes necessary to throw all cares out the window. … More Jimmy Eat World

The Joy Formidable

Frontwoman Ritzy Bryan talks about the science vs. nature concept behind the band’s sophomore album “Wolf’s Law,” recording in Maine during the dead of winter, and the balancing act between the live show and studio recordings. … More The Joy Formidable


Guitarist Christian McAlhaney discusses Anberlin’s latest album “Vital,” major label troubles, reuniting with producer Aaron Sprinkle, and the past and future of Acceptance. … More Anberlin


Guitarist Jack Antonoff talks about fun.’s big Grammy night and performance, transitioning to a larger scale, staying in “Some Nights” mode, and what’s next for the band. … More fun.

Side Effects

Stephen Soderbergh has been contemplating early retirement for a few years and now, according to him, Side Effects will be his final theatrical release, at least for the time being. He has a film that will air on HBO later this year, and then after that, he’s moving on to the next phase of his … More Side Effects