Bad Suns

Frontman Christo Bowman talks about the process behind debut album “Language & Perspective,” not following trends by making your own path, and why chemistry is the most valuable thing to have in a band. … More Bad Suns

Anberlin: The Exit Interview (Part Three)

Guitarist Christian McAlhaney compares his experiences in Anberlin and Acceptance, remembers first joining the band and fitting in right away, recalls working on “Dark Is the Way” and “Vital,” and clarifies why being a touring musician can be simultaneously joyous and difficult. … More Anberlin: The Exit Interview (Part Three)



Frontman Bear Rinehart explains the personal struggles behind the band’s fifth effort “Rivers in the Wasteland,” why this is their most vulnerable album yet, and the irony in seeing the music industry come to embrace the folk-rock Southern sound. … More NEEDTOBREATHE


Frontman Dan Layus provides an inside look into the new album “Life Imitating Life,” describes his decision to zero in on sincerity, wrestles with the cyclical nature of human existence, and explains the benefits of going back to writing with pen and paper. … More Augustana

Local Natives

Drummer Matt Frazier talks about graduating to arenas as openers for Kings of Leon, the importance of percussion and melodies in crafting the band’s sound, and the next step in following up “Hummingbird.” … More Local Natives

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is unabashedly a Wes Anderson concoction that only he could create, as viewers of his previous seven films will quickly attest, and yet it’s a little bit different as well. The symmetrical compositions, color palette, detailed production design, meticulous camera shots, quirky antics and epic ensemble are all there, but this … More The Grand Budapest Hotel

Short Term 12

The stories behind the at-risk youth in Short Term 12 may be fictional, but there is an element of truth contained within that unnervingly reverberates in an all too realistic fashion. It makes sense. Writer-director Destin Cretton spent two years working at a similar facility as seen in the film, helping him craft an environment … More Short Term 12