Guitarist Christian McAlhaney gives an inside look into the surreal return of Acceptance, what it was like writing the band’s first album back, how “Phantoms” holds up 10 years later, and why they have no plans of leaving again any time soon. … More Acceptance

Anberlin: The Exit Interview (Part Three)

Guitarist Christian McAlhaney compares his experiences in Anberlin and Acceptance, remembers first joining the band and fitting in right away, recalls working on “Dark Is the Way” and “Vital,” and clarifies why being a touring musician can be simultaneously joyous and difficult. … More Anberlin: The Exit Interview (Part Three)


Guitarist Christian McAlhaney discusses Anberlin’s latest album “Vital,” major label troubles, reuniting with producer Aaron Sprinkle, and the past and future of Acceptance. … More Anberlin