Alter Bridge

Lead singer Myles Kennedy discusses Alter Bridge’s latest album “The Last Hero,” his interest in writing about heroes in the first place, why exploring the theme of disillusionment is particularly relevant today, and his continuing evolution as a musician, including how he got his musical start. … More Alter Bridge

Sum 41

Frontman Deryck Whibley details his long and difficult road back contained in Sum 41’s new album “13 Voices,” the return of original guitarist Dave Baksh, his feelings about the band’s older material, and why he doesn’t like modern pop music. … More Sum 41

Dan Layus

Dan Layus discusses the natural transition leading to his first solo album “Dangerous Things,” being at home musically and content with songs living on their own, plus what the future holds for him and the Augustana name. … More Dan Layus

Kings of Leon

Lead guitarist Matthew Followill speaks about Kings of Leon’s new album “WALLS,” going after a classic but still relevant sound, why slow songs tend to come the most naturally, and how the band quit fighting to become more inspired than it’s ever been before. … More Kings of Leon

Jimmy Eat World

Drummer Zach Lind chats about thinking differently on the band’s new album “Integrity Blues,” the challenge of taking your craft up a level, the delicate balance of tracklisting, and being notorious for not knowing what people are going to like. … More Jimmy Eat World

Nothing But Thieves

Lead singer Conor Mason talk about the band’s self-titled debut album, breaking through in the States, his Jeff Buckley influences, being part of the new wave of British rock, and going big on the upcoming second album. … More Nothing But Thieves

Bad Suns

Frontman Christo Bowman speaks about wanting to grow on sophomore album Disappear Here, why making it was kind of like dating, and writing more directly this time about the darker sides of life. How are you doing? Good. If it gets weird in a second, that’s because I’m brushing my teeth. I’m getting ready for … More Bad Suns

Paper Route

Frontman JT Daly details the journey behind new album “Real Emotion,” the process of rediscovering an excitement for music, the struggle of writing about mental health and why it’s OK to get healthy, and the darks days surrounding “Absence.” … More Paper Route