Sherwood: Band of Dreamers

Two thousand and nine was a hard year for California pop-rock band Sherwood. In fact, it may have been the most difficult one the band has ever had to deal with. “It’s been a tough year for us as a band for lots of reasons, not just musically, but in life,” vocalist/bassist Nate Henry admits. … More Sherwood: Band of Dreamers


Against Me!: Speaking Out

It’s been over two years since Against Me! released its breakthrough, New Wave, which spawned the hit single “Thrash Unreal” and became one of 2007’s most critically acclaimed albums. “We’ve been working on this record for, like, a year now,” frontman Tom Gabel admits. “We’ve really thrown everything we have into it, so I hope … More Against Me!: Speaking Out

The Used: Art+Work

Naming an album something as abstract as Artwork is a pretty ballsy move, just don’t tell the Used that. What began as an accidental coincidence when working on 2007’s b-sides collection Lies for the Liars turned out to be a natural fit. “It’s kind of the theme going on right now for everything,” bassist Jeph … More The Used: Art+Work

Copeland: Dispersing Light

Copeland listeners have come to expect more than simplicity from the band’s records, even on one that draws from the classic ditty “You Are My Sunshine.” “That song is really interesting to me. Everyone kind of remembers it very fondly,” recalls vocalist Aaron Marsh. “You hear about that being a romantic song for a couple … More Copeland: Dispersing Light