Bad Suns

Frontman Christo Bowman speaks about wanting to grow on sophomore album Disappear Here, why making it was kind of like dating, and writing more directly this time about the darker sides of life. How are you doing? Good. If it gets weird in a second, that’s because I’m brushing my teeth. I’m getting ready for … More Bad Suns


Paper Route

Frontman JT Daly details the journey behind new album “Real Emotion,” the process of rediscovering an excitement for music, the struggle of writing about mental health and why it’s OK to get healthy, and the darks days surrounding “Absence.” … More Paper Route


Gallant discusses his full-length debut album “Ology,” the goal of always keeping things as raw and unfiltered as possible, and how he learned to become confident with his past history. … More Gallant

‘Continuum’ Turns 10

Today marks the 10th birthday to my favorite album of all time. I still remember the first time I heard Continuum, streaming it a week early on Yahoo! Music in my dorm room my junior year of college. I had never listened to a John Mayer record before, he was not remotely my style of … More ‘Continuum’ Turns 10

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs talks about opening for Coldplay on its “A Head Full of Dreams” tour, experiencing a hit single with “River,” making everything about the music, and never having a Plan B. … More Bishop Briggs


Guitarist Christian McAlhaney gives an inside look into the surreal return of Acceptance, what it was like writing the band’s first album back, how “Phantoms” holds up 10 years later, and why they have no plans of leaving again any time soon. … More Acceptance

St. Lucia

Frontman Jean-Philip Grobler talks about the band’s second album “Matter,” his approach of exploring any and every idea, and realizing the importance of speaking out about what you feel. … More St. Lucia

A Day to Remember

Guitarist Kevin Skaff talks about changing it up on the band’s new record “Bad Vibrations,” embracing the garage band mentality again, writing heavier songs with everyone involved, and why history is cool. … More A Day to Remember

Young the Giant

Lead singer Sameer Gadhia talks about the band’s third album “Home of the Strange,” narrating the American immigrant story through music, and the impossible goal of striving for perfection. … More Young the Giant

Relient K

Lead singer Matt Thiessen and guitarist Matt Hoopes chat on a wide array of topics, including the band’s fresh new album “Air for Free,” redefining Relient K at this point in their career, and what the future holds. … More Relient K