The Square

Revolution as change is never easy. It does not happen overnight. The societal foundation needs to be ripped apart so a new cornerstone can be set, an arduous and oftentimes extremely violent process. The most well known is America’s own Revolution, which lasted roughly 20 years and culminated in a bloody five-year war. But America’s … More The Square

The Past

The opening scene of The Past features a pair of characters in a busy airport terminal attempting to communicate through a glass partition. They’re not very successful, to no surprise, and it serves as a fitting thematic symbol for what The Past represents – the things in life that get in the way and make … More The Past


On paper, there’s absolutely no way Her should work as a dramatic film. A man falling in love with his operating system is a ludicrous, Pluto Nash-sized disaster-in-waiting at worst, a mildly entertaining, end-of-the-night SNL sketch at best. Yet, against all odds, the sheer creative genius of Spike Jonze pulls the concept together and makes … More Her