House of Heroes

Frontman Tim Skipper discusses why the band’s new record “Cold Hard Want” comes from a desperate place, going after massive-sounding moments, and the legacy of staying true to who you are. … More House of Heroes

Walk the Moon

Guitarist Eli Maiman chats about recording the band’s major label debut, the success of “Anna Sun,” the magic of happy mistakes, and what it was like doing their first record independently. … More Walk the Moon


Vocalist Aaron Weiss explains the unique concept behind “Ten Stories,” the influence of faith on his lyrics, letting go of the desire to control, and mewithoutYou’s past/future. … More mewithoutYou

Silversun Pickups

Keyboardist Joe Lester talks about the new direction the band took on “Neck of the Woods,” its psychological underpinnings, writing longer songs, and why there’s no bonus to being on a major label anymore. … More Silversun Pickups

Greg Laswell

Greg Laswell discusses his latest album “Landline,” the desire to break away from writing sad songs, marriage with Ingrid Michaelson, and not having a career backup plan. … More Greg Laswell


Keyboardist Andrew Dost chats about the making of “Some Nights,” the band’s recent shot to stardom, and maintaining a high degree of integrity in everything you do. … More fun.


Frontman Michael Shepard chats about the new progression the band took on “Wild Blood,” the process of falling in love with music again, and staying off the beaten track without a record label. … More Lovedrug