Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones chats about restarting his career on his new solo album “Community Group,” the pros and cons of Kickstarter, and the struggle in how to figure out what to do in life. … More Jonathan Jones

City and Colour

Dallas Green talks about City and Colour’s third record “Little Hell,” why his writing style is so personal, how connecting with music changes as you grow older, and his constant battling with self-doubt. … More City and Colour


Sims dishes on his new record “Bad Time Zoo,” living in Minneapolis, the time he quit rapping and was forced to revaluate music, the isolating aspects of technology, turning the mirror on your own hypocrisies, and always being plugged into the here and now. … More Sims



Frontman Dan Layus discusses the expansive process behind the band’s self-titled album, how growing older has affected his writing, getting more in touch with early influences, and life on a major label. … More Augustana

Rise Against

Bassist Joe Principe talks about the band’s sixth record “Endgame,” the challenge of keeping things fresh, being inspired by the military, and how punk rock originally gave him the courage to speak out. … More Rise Against


Vocalist/guitarist Sherri DuPree-Bemis shares the highs and lows inside the band’s third record “The Valley,” the cathartic nature of songwriting, and how having the right people around can help you make it through anything. … More Eisley


Frontman Anthony Raneri discusses the band’s new record “Killing Time,” waiting for the beauty in life to happen, never feeling like he’s truly arrived, and debates honesty versus celebrity in pop music. … More Bayside